REVIEWS LeFrivole (Wholesale store)

03 mar 2021


1. How do you appreciate our work? What do you like/ dislike?
The cooperation is simple, uncomplicated and fast.
- Requests are answered quickly and correctly and fully satisfied.
- The shipments arrive well packed and undamaged.
- I as a customer feel comfortable and noticed.
- I am always informed about news.
- Your Search-Function on your Shopsite is super. Whether keyword or GTIN that or the products are found.
- On the store page, the respective filter functions are great. Also that you can load “all” products and not just 20 or 40. I find great for the overview for the purchase.

2. What products do you already sell? How do you and your customers feel about them?
We currently have costumes, stockings, bodystockings and toys on offer.
Since we are a pure online store, we have no direct customer reviews of the products sold.
From our point of view, the products meet the requirements of price, performance ratio absolutely. 😊

27 feb 2021


1. How do you appreciate our work? What do you like/ dislike?
The cooperation so far was good. The first order we made we couldn’t get some products because of their unavailability. Some of the more popular products are often out of stock.

What we like though is the number of great looking lingerie. Costumes especially, but it also includes bodystockings.

2. What products do you already sell? How do you and your customers feel about them?
At the moment, ErosStar has most of the costumes in its catalogue. Included is also varied range of bodystockings.

Especially costumes do sell better compared to other brands. It’s thanks to its large variety and popular topics. The designs are very well made.

3. What should we improve?
Prices could be a bit lower. Other than that, everything was good so far.

08 feb 2021


1. How do you appreciate our work? What do you like/ dislike?
The whole Vunovu team enjoys working together with Le Frivole. Nice people who are always looking for good solutions!

2. What products do you already sell? How do you and your customers feel about them?
We at Vunovu are always looking for new erotic products. That is why we carry various lingerie from Le Frivole. However, we will certainly continue to expand our range in the future. So it remains exciting!

3. What should we improve?
There isn't much that can be improved. We are simply looking forward to further good cooperation.

22 jan 2021


1. How do you appreciate our work? What do you like/ dislike?
Excellent communication, timely response, good offers to increase sales.
There is always a care for the customer.

2. What products do you already sell? How do you and your customers feel about them?
For beginning we choose bodystocking and we are very happy, big choise and excellent quality.
Our customers like very much, packed in a very comfortable box.
Both for storage and sale. Everything is very clear, model, size, color.
Very competitive price.

3. What should we improve?
Maybe just a lit a bit change photos background add different colors.
So that each model has its own distinctiveness.

08 dec 2020


1. How do you appreciate our work? What do you like/ dislike?
Your website is very well built and ordering is a breeze. Prices are ok.

2. What products do you already sell? How do you and your customers feel about them?
Costumes and panties mostly. Very well received by our customers.

3. What should we improve?
We initially ordered a batch of panties and then you changed the measuring/sizes on the boxes. Took a lot of guesswork to figure out which sizes corresponded to the ones shown on the invoice. Hope you will fix that soon.

19 nov 2020

Celebrating 3 years of partnership with LeFrivole. From the day we met at the Erofame 2018 exhibition. On a serious note, they are the most reliable and supportive suppliers my shop has ever had. Their erotic underwear are of very good quality, on a comparison with alternative brands - we have ordered various samples from all company offering partnership and figured out that Le Frivole suits us best. They work quickly, always there to answer questions and deliver carefully right in time. I am more than satisfied with their work (and so are our clients).

27 jun 2020

Previously, I ordered products of the Lefrivole brand through distributors. Since 2019, I started working directly due to more favorable conditions and a wide range of products. They are still the most loyal and reliable suppliers I've ever heard of. Recently, once again, we have ordered a set of sex underwear and they delivered it within a week. The quality of all of their products is proven to be good, which is an important factor for me, as I make sure my clients receive the best and safest toys possible.

12 may 2020

Thank you so much for your excellent work and good service. All clothing and underwear that we ordered were high-quality and came without any damage or defects. Our customers were satisfied. Moreover, your employees are professionals, they are always happy to help solve the problems. Also, the delivery and the price of goods are high-level. I would definitely recommend your company.

01 apr 2020

I still cannot believe it took me a whole month to eliminate all the helpless suppliers, but as a result I have won the prize - now working with Le frivole. Honestly speaking, I've tried to cooperate with many distributors, but none of them had their quality and service standarts as high up as Le frivole did. Toys are made well, no health risks included. Never got any complaints from clients either. Delivery comes in fairly quickly, I think the longest time I've waited for was... a week? Either way, great company, I am so happy to be working with them.

12 feb 2020

It is difficult to find a good and reliable supplier nowadays, especially when it comes to 18+ industry since it's quite niche. I have seen their products from major distributors, but the prices were not friendly. But it turned out that the prices "from the factory" are much lower. I have been working with several companies, but LeFrivole beats them all for several reasons including, most importantly, high quality underclothes goods. They deliver on time and parcels come in within a few days, maximum a week. Their managers are very helpful, we are always in contact and conclude the best agreements. Thank you so much for your fair service!

22 dec 2019

Having my own online-sexshop has always been something I was interested in, but when it came to selecting partnerships and dealers, I started having a hard time. We tried to get in touch with many dealers and ordered a few items for a test, but only LeFrivole was able to pass our strict selection process. The quality of toys is excellent, so is of the clothes and lingerie. It doesn't only look good, but also feel good (texture-wise).The delivery was quite fast, which was a pleasant surprise. They surely have a large number of products to choose from, I am very happy to be working with them.

05 dec 2019

In opening a sex shop, much depends on the supplier and the product range. I focused on these important elements, so it took a lot of time to choose a supplier – I decided on this supplier of adult products. I have been working with the company for several years. I was happy with everything. This company has a large range of products, fast delivery throughout Europe, good service and service (always in touch, help with the choice, know what is in trend)

28 nov 2019

I always wanted to find a reliable supplier of goods for my sex shop. It is not the first year I have been working with this company, because there are a number of advantages. First of all, these are very high-quality products that are in great demand. Secondly, the delivery always arrives on time without any problems. Third, if you come across a marriage change without further ado. I recommend this company.

22 nov 2019

For a long time I have been looking for a good supplier for my sex shop, but I couldn't find anything suitable. At the eroFame 2019 exhibition (Hannover) I stumbled upon LeFrivole and find out that this was what I needed. I made a test purchase and everything suited me at once. While placing an order I met very polite communication, no refuse in anything and sincere desire to help me with the choice. The delivery came quickly, to which I was surprised very much, and the excellent quality of the goods made me happy.

04 nov 2019

Fast delivery, responsible and sociable staff. We have been working with LeFrivole for a long time and never were any delays in deliveries. The products quality is absolutely perfect. The required papers are always in every parcel. Our customers don't complain. The range of items is huge; a flexible system of discounts is available. Also there are no objections to the transportation of goods, everything comes safe and sound.

15 oct 2019

In May last year, I started my own business, namely sex shop. First of all I had to find a good supplier. Examining three companies I paid special attention to the quality of service and diversity of products. I gave preference to Le Frivole. And was not mistaken! Everything suits perfectly while working with this company. Excellent service, assistance in choosing the highest quality and trendy product, as well as fast delivery to the counter of my store. I advise everybody to use Le Frivole services.

09 oct 2019

I have been working with lafrivole for more than one year and already have a good opinion of them, so one can trust. I once found this company on the Internet and it immediately hooked me with something, and as it turned out later, this company has just great quantity of advantages over others, and that was what I saw right away. You can trust this company because there is just great service, free shipping throughout Europe and just wonderful product quality.

20 sep 2019

While organizing sex shop of my own was looking for a suitable supplier for some time. After testing a variety of different options I settled on LeFrivole. First ordered batch of goods arrived in time, everything well packaged and got excellent quality. Compared to other stores, this company provides delivery throughout Europe and offer huge range of products. I must also highlight that this company is always in touch with its customers, everybody is always eager to help with the choice.

21 aug 2019

I met this company at the EroFame 2018 in Hanover. I have been working with this company for several years, there were no problems with registration and delivery of goods. I definitely like the large assortment of toys, so here you can always find new items for every taste and price. The managers are competent and polite, help to resolve issues (solve the problems), delivery is fast. I will recommend your company and will continue to cooperate with you.

01 aug 2019

I would like to express my gratitude to LeFrivole for helping me with transportation of sex underwear and costumes to my sex shop. This is one of the best suppliers, who provide perfect-quality with suitable prices. For a very long time we were looking for the best supplier to work with and finally we decided to focus on this company. We chose LeFrivole for this substantial reasons: perfect-quality product, great prices, amazing service. Staff always in touch, ready to help with the choice of goods.


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